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09-25-2011, 22:04
Right now, a bunch of forms, snacks and a bit of extra gear(cuffs, traffic vest, etc.) Any essentials you guys cant live without that you keep in your gear bag?

09-25-2011, 22:06
Being diabetic; my meds; food; water if I am away from a water source; some legal stuff; money; extra tools.

09-25-2011, 22:10
Essentials I can't live without? Excedrin, Advil, toothpicks and chewing gum

09-25-2011, 22:46
I have a briefcase sized laptop bag that contains: posse box (with some paper reports), pinch book, pens and a keyring with about 15 jiggle keys. I also carry my kevlar helmet in a carry bag, and it also contains my sunglasses, safety glasses and ear plugs.

I work in an urban environment so there's really nothing else I *need* to tote with me.

09-25-2011, 23:02
I dont prefer a bag, instead I like a Proguard seat organizer:


3 carbine mags
3 sidearm mags
4 pairs cuffs
traffic vest
2x spare stinger battery
spare WT battery
orange traffic cone
5 boxes shotshells
narco field test kit
2-3 packets of advil and immodium
sharpie marker
5 G2 pens
ticket book
forms holder
non-traffic citation book
mini PDR

not in the organizer, but I never leave without a Nalgene full of water. Its there just in case I get stuck somewhere and dont have any water to drink.

looking at it now that seems like a lot of crap, but it all has a place in there. If I had to load/unload daily I would use a bag. I have way too much crap in there for the factory straps to hold. I use a heavy duty bungee instead, but its a PITA to get strapped in.

09-25-2011, 23:48
Uhhhh Let me dig it out........

-Pens (Zebra F-301's)
-Sliver and Black Sharpie
-Paperwork/Cheat Sheets
-Citation/Warning Book
-Vehicle Code Cheat Sheet
-Traffic Vest
-Spare Flashlight (Surefire G2)
-Spare Batteries (CR123A)
-2 Spare Cuffs (Smith and Wesson M100)
-Small Boo-Boo kit with OTC meds (Advil, Chewable Pepto, etc.)
-Small Trauma Kit (CAT Touniquet, Kerlix, Pressure bandage, etc.)
-Spare Taser Cartridge
-Extra Notepads
-Spare Ammo (4 Extra Wilson Combat 47D's)
-Gloves, Hat, Latex Gloves
-Folding Knife (Kershaw Blackout)
-Window Punch
-Nalgene Bottle and Snacks

Active Shooter Bag (in the Trunk with my AR):
-2 Bottles of Water
-3 CLIF Bars
-4 30rd Magpul PMAGS
-2 Wilson Combat 47D Mags
-Trauma Kit
-Small Gun Cleaning Kit

Goldendog Redux
09-26-2011, 00:25
Right now, a bunch of forms, snacks and a bit of extra gear(cuffs, traffic vest, etc.) Any essentials you guys cant live without that you keep in your gear bag?

The only thing I would freak out about if I did not have is my iPod. Rest is just a buncha crap.


09-26-2011, 06:34
Hand sanitizer!

09-26-2011, 07:14
Hand sanitizer, a TOWEL (very handy). Good brand multi tool, extra mags (rifle and pistol). Water. Extra money. I am not uniform, but know guys who keep and extra uniform shirt. Cuffs, extra batteries for flashlight, extra flashlight. Trauma blowout kit and small First Aid Kit. Extra pens. Forms, Gloves (leather and latex) The latex are surgical grade high risk 15 mil thickness.

09-26-2011, 13:21
Extra paperwork
Extra cuffs
Extra pens
City map
Extra cr123 batteries
charger for 5.11 light
5.11 light
550 cord

09-26-2011, 20:38
It looks like I'm not the only one keeping his condom in his wallet.

09-26-2011, 20:57
In no particular order: snacks, hand sanitizer, extra disposable pens, large tape measure, third set of handcuffs, diarrhea medicine, ibuprofen.

09-26-2011, 22:15

09-26-2011, 23:37
I two bags, one is an active shooter bag, the other is my patrol bag with manuals, law books, traffic vest, and things like that. I also have a seat organizer that has my ticket book, ERG, gloves(Latex, and patrol), Fixed blade knife, temporary restraints, extra cuff key, pens, and CPR Mask, and two boxs of 00 Buckshot.

All of my bags have extra AR-15 mags. The active shooter bag has 7, the patrol bag has another 8 30 rds and 1 20. That is right I have 500 rnds of 5.56 loaded in mags. Most is Hornady TAP, some is green tip, and a couple of them are loaded with Winchester 69 gr Ranger.

09-27-2011, 01:31
Sunflower seeds.