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09-25-2011, 23:02
I have been looking for a new Bowling pin gun. I started looking at a long time favorite the .45 auto. I looked in my manuals at what kind of velocity it is putting out for the givin bullet weights. In my nothing to do better time I surfed the web for bowling pin loads. Are the new manuals watered down or is the .45 capable of some of the claims? My Hornday and Sierra manual max a 230gr at 900 fps. that being said the claims of a 250 255 260 at 875 seems odd.

09-26-2011, 00:43
Seems to be about right on, in my manuals. 230 grain in Alliant manual 832-916
230 grain Speer #14 manual 815-916

Neither of them go heavier than 230 grains. Sorry I dont have any thing older than 2005.

09-26-2011, 09:30
It's possible to aget 900fps w/ a 230gr bullet & the right powder & not get into +P. Personnal, a BP isn't going to know the diff between 875fps & 900fps. I have run 250grLSWCHP @ an easy 850fps in a 5" gun.

09-26-2011, 14:29
So whats the Velocity of a 230 +p

09-26-2011, 14:50
So whats the Velocity of a 230 +p
Depends on who's factory ammo but about 900-1000fps.
BTW, you can reach +P pressures well below 850fps using the wrong powders (ie, Clays).

09-26-2011, 19:00
You'll get more velocity with a lead bullet than a jacketed bullet, all things being equal.