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09-26-2011, 11:53
I use BD in .357 magnum, .44 magnum, 10mm and 9mm. I'm a little long on my supply of BD. I was reloading .45 ACP this weekend and I was thinking of giving it a try just to change it up. I could only find loads listed in two reference guides for 230 gr. FMJ : My Lee book listed 8.5 gr. BD as both the starting and max load. The Alliant guide shows 8.5 gr. as max with a starting load at 10% less.

I didn't use any. Instead I fell back to my old reliable 5 gr. of Bullseye.

I know it's probably not an ideal powder for .45.

Anybody use it? How's it run?

09-26-2011, 13:48
BD will run in the 45acp but I find it best for top end loads. I have run some 185grXTP around the 1050fps mark w/ good results. Look into the Speer #14 for more data.

09-26-2011, 21:09
Yeah, run it max and it runs pretty good. I used to load 200 grain Speer "flying ashtrays" with 10.5 grains of BD for about 1000 fps from a 4" 1911. I strongly recommend against the use of magnum primers. I use Federal 150's.

If you're just plinking, BE is a great powder. I use 231 and Universal for that.