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09-26-2011, 16:52
In reference to JimmyN's thread about his new Nas I bought two new hard drives. Turns out i am out of room in my Ancient Antec case. Tried a 5.25 to 3.5 '' bay converter but it wont work with my rails.. It is just slightly too wide. So I put a zip tie on one side of the drive and a piece of orange parachute cord on the other. Now its perfectly suspended in the case. Hope to get a new case next week.

Till then I have 2.5 tb of striped storage. lol

09-26-2011, 18:23
It doesn't count unless you also had a beer in your hand. :rofl:

09-26-2011, 21:04
Well I did buy some beer before I did it. But I didn't drink any before I did it. I wanted to make sure the drive was somewhat level :)

09-27-2011, 04:56
You've managed to convert an old Antec case to a more modern 'toolless' design, using just materials you had around the house. American ingenuity at it's best.

09-27-2011, 05:55
Where was your duct tape? :supergrin:

09-27-2011, 11:38
You might be a redneck if you think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk.

09-27-2011, 13:50
Where was your duct tape? :supergrin:

Left duct tape at work

09-27-2011, 14:02

09-27-2011, 14:13

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09-27-2011, 14:26
A real redneck would have used a beer can and a roll of duct tape.

09-28-2011, 08:58
COD dont be a hater. I couldn't figure out how to properly utilize the duct tape and beer can without shorting something out. :)

09-28-2011, 08:59
Has anyone had a lack of tools or parts to make something work and had to improvise on a computer like this? Maybe not a long term solution but something to get it working for the time being.

09-28-2011, 09:02
Found some more hillbilly repairs

I like the floor or ceiling vent mounted to the case towards the bottom.

09-28-2011, 11:13
I certainly have.

Did you know that the "U" shaped trim they use for vinyl siding edging is the exact size for a hard drive? Two pieces 5.5" long will snap on each side of the drive.

Put a couple rubber bands around it to hold the pieces snug against the drive, then a couple dabs of JB Weld on the vinyl pieces and you can stick it in the case somewhere. When the JB weld sets you'll be able to slide the drive in and out of the "U" strips, and it will be a pretty snug fit. It will work as an adapter to put a 3.5" drive in a 5.25" bay, or you can stick it to the top inside of the case, or down on the bottom.

Of course JB Weld is pretty permanent, so don't do that if you may change your mind later. You could probably screw the vinyl pieces in place instead of using glue.

09-28-2011, 14:28
Has anyone had a lack of tools or parts to make something work and had to improvise on a computer like this? Maybe not a long term solution but something to get it working for the time being.

Some time ago I made HDD support brackets out of a styrofoam dinner plate (I was trying to reduce the noise by hanging the drive in the air). I wonder what does that make me? :dunno:

09-28-2011, 16:12
Pieces of vacuum cleaner belt and screws works really well, especially in isolating the hard drive noise. Zipties can actually accentuate the noise, due to the hard nature of the material.

09-28-2011, 16:33
most of my hard drives are held down with double sided tape:wavey:

09-28-2011, 17:21
I am still trying to figure out why you still see the need for a new case. If it works, don't knock it.

10-05-2011, 08:41
Gemintheshaft I prolly could have got by with the old case but there was absolutely no cooling what so ever on the hard drives. Case had a 80mm fan in the very bottom right and one in the rear top is all. Nothing really blowing over the drives. Plus if I ever upgraded video cards I don't think it would have fit