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Bill D
09-27-2011, 19:53
Recently I viewed a forum suggesting wasp spray as a better non lethal defense than pepper spray- aimed at eyes at 20-30 feet causing temporary blindless , requiring a trip to the hospital. This info from self defense trainers and law enforcement trainers.
Others say it would be illegal and result in a successful law suit.
Your opinion please.

Mas Ayoob
09-27-2011, 20:46
Did any of the people who advised you to spray someone in the eyes with lethal insecticide cite any documented testing on humans? Or any actual HISTORY of this working to deter lethal assault by humans?

I'm guessing probably not.

Blinding someone permanently to any degree is "grave bodily harm," the definition of deadly force.

I don't mean this to insult anyone who gave you well-intentioned advice, but it sounds like BS to me.

Go with OC spray. Long since tested, proven, and defensible.


Question: "Mr. Defendant, why did you spray the stranger who tried to punch you with Pepper Spray?"

Answer: "Because I knew it was developed, and widely tested and proven by police, to stop such unlawful assaults with proven, documented results,and I knew the police considered it safe to use with minimal likelihood of permanent effects, and I was trained to use it properly, the way the police are."


Question: "Mr. Defendant, why did you spray into his eyes that toxic substance that left the complainant visually impaired for the rest of his life?"

Answer: "Uh...I read on the Internet that it MIGHT work to keep him from hurting me...duh...uh..."


Not wanting you or anyone else to become a test case, either on the street or in court,


Mas Ayoob
09-27-2011, 21:05
Bill, an addendum:


Bill D
09-28-2011, 17:34
Thanks, Mas.