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09-29-2011, 08:58
Just a follow-up to a thread from earlier this month where a Memphis PD Sgt said that he was shot by Hispanic male, then it turned out he shot himself, and had numerous "relationships" going on.

Now, it turns out TBI has charged him with solicitation to commit first degree murder, providing a gun to a juvenile and filing a false police report. Wife only recently learned that he filed for divorce in May because of news reports. I guess the "only 10% get the word" rule applies here...

09-29-2011, 10:54

09-29-2011, 16:54
Oh, come on. To err is human. And clearly he's very, very human. :whistling:

09-29-2011, 18:53
You just can't make this stuff up.......:dunno:

09-29-2011, 20:03
And sometimes I think I make my life more complicated than it needs to be!


09-30-2011, 08:10
From the comments:

This guy is like the sort of clown who has a scarf in his pocket and when you pull it out, another scarf is attached to it... and another... only instead of scarves it's crimes.

Troof! :shocked: