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09-29-2011, 15:25
A recent Michigan AG opinion states that silencers can be legally owned here in Michigan now. Sounds like a winner to me (thank you and many others that worked through this).

There are a couple of options for initiating the transfer and for my situation, a trust appears the most appealing.

I have already contacted a local "firearm friendly" lawyer - still waiting for a reply. Saw the reference to in this forum and sent them a note. Reply was prompt and suggested that for Michigan, it would be $600 for a trust specifically designed for NFA firearms and accessories. They provided clear documentation and appear to be a professional company.

My question is this: has anyone else used them? Good, bad, ugly? Looks like they refer me to a lawyer here in my state (although they did not provide a name).

Also - they say their "NFA Gun Trust" is copyrighted. That sounds odd to me. They say they had "thousands of clients". Any of them hanging here on GT?

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Zak Smith
09-30-2011, 10:52
Yes, they refer you to a lawyer in your state who is up to date on NFA trusts and the surrounding law. A couple of our customers have gone that route and were pleased with the results.

It is typical for legal documents to be copyrighted. That just means you can't republish or sell it as your own.

09-30-2011, 16:07
Thanks, Zak - btw, I am talking to a local Class III dealer and he recommends 4 brands of suppressors depending on firearm, caliber, and application (and these were unsolicited remarks from him):

Some odd company called Thunder Beast :whistling:

I would ask for a recommendation from you but... lol

A positive sign to see your name come as a recommendation way over here in Michigan! Good job!

Zak Smith
09-30-2011, 18:09
The Michigan market really took off. I think we started getting calls in the middle of the weekend when the change happened.

09-30-2011, 20:33
As I am sure many others have already found, I am quickly learning the cost is not for the faint of heart. I may be able to absorb the cost of the suppressor, but add the fed tax, the trust, dealer wants to throw some additional transfer fee in (depending on the device/firearm), state taxes - I could be looking at $2000 easy by the end of the day for my first NFA toy (and I am sure that is cheap as I am starting out with only a suppressor).

Granted, the trust is a one time deal, but it has me thinking of all the other "toys" I could buy to $2k.... hmmmmm...

Thanks for info!