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09-29-2011, 17:10
I picked up this very clean P6 today for $375 OTD . I have been looking for one for a while in my area and found this in my local pawn shop. It came with original blue case (still factory labeled) , a German owners manual , 2 test targets (9/5/80) and 3 mags. The slide date has 8/80 with 162 matching slide and barrel . Enjoy the pics.

Sig P6





09-30-2011, 05:49
Enjoy that thing. Nice looking pistol you got there.

10-05-2011, 20:21
Very nice

Congrats! :cool:

10-28-2011, 23:37
That's a good lookin' shooter right there. I used to have a P225, and it was the best!

10-29-2011, 00:38
That is in remarkable shape. The P225 is probably my favorite SIG pistol of all time. If I had to pick one SIG pistol (and it couldn't be a Blackwater P226) then it would be the P225 just because of the ergos and natural point of aim.

11-26-2011, 18:33
I love mine. Got it stoked with Hornady Personal Defense. Came with the
blue plasitc box, target, manual (in German) and 2 mags. Picked up 2 more at
a pawn shop still in the package a couple months later. Bought it from an
private seller for $300 about 5 years ago. It's marked 1/83 w/ 722 under it.
Love my Glocks and Smith M&P but this SIG feels best in my hand.
Dano :harley:

11-26-2011, 18:35
Congrats. You got such a great deal on it I would look into finding a Sig armorer who can install the Short Reset Trigger (SRT) kit. Great find, congrats again.

11-26-2011, 18:56
Very nice shape and good price, esp with the three mags.

The P6 had profile of barrel ramp changed in 1989 to better feed hollow points. You might want to go over to Sig forum and read what others have done to assure JHP feeding re modification or exchange of barrel.

I highly recommend Chris Orndorff DVD on detail stripping and repair of Sigs.

I would also consider replacing the P6 28 pound mainspring with the standard 24 pound mainspring that comes in P225. I did for mine and helped trigger pull a lot and is still reliable. And why shouldn't it be as this weight spring used in P225.


01-01-2012, 20:39
Great pistol.


01-02-2012, 23:00
Congrats on a true classic Sig. :)

01-02-2012, 23:04
That's a great deal on that Sig. Looks really clean w. three mags. Great score. Congrats.

01-12-2012, 17:19
You got one heck of a deal! Enjoy, the P6 or 225 is one of my faces.

ca survivor
01-27-2012, 14:42
very nice, I'm looking for one too, hope is the same shape as yours.