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09-29-2011, 18:09
I am just starting to reload my 9mm brass for the 4th time. Last night I was loading up a batch and noticed that the bullets seemed to be a little to easy to seat. So after crimping and measuring I pushed a few against the bench an sure enough there was quite a bit of set back. I tried a little more crimp and the same thing happened. Next I took the flare down to just about nothin and still had set back but not quite as much. The brass I am using are mixed head stamps, mostly federal and winchester. I took the batch that i loaded to the ranger today and they all shot fine. should i forget about it or should I try and fix? if so how, what should I do. If you need any other info. I will try yo get that to ya. thank you

09-29-2011, 18:13
Sounds like undersize bullets. Have you loaded rounds with these same bullets before, out of this same box, or are these new? Do you have calipers or a micrometer to measure the diameter of a few?

Hard to believe it could be anything to do with the brass.

All the Best,
D. white

09-29-2011, 18:16
You haven't stated your crimping or OAL measurements and whether of not you have case gauged the brass both post sizing and post loaded after flaring. That being said... check your sizing die. I load my 9mm brass 6-7 times without issues, actually end up losing it in most cases prior.

Zombie Steve
09-29-2011, 18:17
Are you crimping too much? It can begin to buckle the case and give you less neck tension.

09-29-2011, 18:26
That almost always happens when you load 9mm bullets into .45 brass, I can't figure out a fix for it either.

Also happens in brass that looks like 9mm brass... oh say, 38 Super or .40 cal brass running through 9mm dies. :whistling:


09-29-2011, 18:38
Crimping will reduce neck tension in 9mm. Never add to it. Sizing die and that alone causes neck tension (this is what prevents setback).

09-29-2011, 19:13
I am using X-treme 115gr. copper plated. OAL 1.135. 4.5gr of bullseye. I have loaded close to 6000 9mm with the X-treme 115gr. and this is the first I am having this prob. although I did just crack open a new box of 1000. I just ran down to the basement and measured them , they are comeing in at .353. I dont have any from the previous boxes to compare them to. originally I was not putting very much crimp on them. just enough to take the bell out

09-29-2011, 19:18
.353 is much too small.

Zombie Steve
09-29-2011, 19:35
See if you can send them back. .353 no es bueno.

09-29-2011, 20:09
See if you can send them back. .353 no es bueno.

:shakehead: .353 no good, X-tremes are usually .356

09-29-2011, 20:31
Two words...



09-29-2011, 20:35
Wouldn't a glue work better than a tape in this instance.:whistling:

09-29-2011, 20:45
WHAT! Have you lost your mind? He'll stick his fingers together, have to have them surgically separated then go through a series of plastic surgery to remove the scars.

He'll then sue you for monetary damages plus loss of sexual consortium, (assuming he getting any to begin with).

Boy, you rookies, you just don't look at the big picture. :faint:


09-29-2011, 21:04
If the bullets are measuring 0.353", that would certainly be your problem. No amount of neck tension is fixing that, duct tape maybe.

09-30-2011, 03:56
I should have known better than to question the word of the master crossdressing reloading god of GT.:rofl:

10-02-2011, 23:05
Call and return them, they are defective.
Always measure things before you start changing things. It will tell you where the problem is.
Only a roll crimp is used to hold the bullet. The taper crimp is just to smooth the intersection between the bullet and case and not have enough exposed case mouth to cause a feed failure.
You should measure the as-sized internal dimension of the cases and expanded ID of the cases to verify that the two steps are proper. The case ID (not the case mouth flare/bell, but the case ID where the bullet will be seated) should be 0.353-0.354" for a 0.355" bullet. As you can see, this will NOT hold a 0.353" bullet.
I find that my 9x19s are a lot more accurate with 0.356-0.357" jacketed bullets. Even just 0.3555" are more accurate than 0.3550" bullets.