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09-29-2011, 19:14
I just purchased some Berry's .45ACP plated 185 grain Flat Points and need a good load for my 1911 and my G36. Nothing too wimpy ... as the 36 doesn't like those. But, knowing the limitations of plated bullets, nothing too hot either.
Also, for those of you who may have loaded these bullets, an overall length (OAL) would be helpful too.
Suggestions on powder and powder drops? I'm open to anything. I'm thinking of a medium slow powder ...

09-29-2011, 21:18
OAL, as always, gun & bullet specific. Make a dummy round @ 1.220" & see if it chambers. If a go, try 1.230", if a no go, drop to 1.210". Powders, well, we all have favorites but no one has proven to me there is anything better than WST in the 45acp, any bullet style or wt. Plated load between a lead & jacketed bullet, so starting @ 4.5-4.6gr should get realiable feeding. DO NOT over crimp, plated hate that. This includes the ever popular Lee FCD. I have proven it ruinous to accuracy w/ soft plated bullets. These are 200gr, but you can see they were not happy; shot @ 50ft.

09-30-2011, 12:42
I load this same bullet ahead of 6.5gr. of Unique and 4.9 gr. WST both loaded to col. of 1.200" in a Springfeild XD. Great accuracy with both loads

09-30-2011, 13:40
I don't think you could possibly get 45s up to high enough velocity to worry about the plating.

09-30-2011, 15:14
I don't think you could possibly get 45s up to high enough velocity to worry about the plating.

Velocity isn't the issue but over crimping ruins accuracy. It either sizes the soft bullet down &/or breaks the plating. When that happens, accuracy goes out the window fast.

09-30-2011, 18:43
Thanks for the advice so far.:thumbsup:

09-30-2011, 21:02
I load the same shape bullet but in 200 gr. for my 1911's. My G36 won't feed them at a OAL of 1.200. It only likes ball configuration bullets. I load 6.2 grns of Unique or 6.4 grns of WSF under them and I have a friend who uses the same Unique load under his 185's. They all seem to shoot good depending on the gun used.