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chris in va
09-30-2011, 19:12
Rather than special order a $100 holster for the 97b, does anyone know of a 'crossover' that would fit? I really like the Don Hume 721, for example.

If say, a G21 holster would fit well enough I'd be happy.

chris in va
10-03-2011, 19:54
Our LGS has a 97b so I brought my 21's holster to see if it remotely fits. Not only does it work, but quite well! Looks like I won't have to get yet another holster once my 97 comes in. Even the 92fs Don Hume I'm using with my 75BD fits reasonably well. Not great though.

10-07-2011, 19:42
Sorry for the lack of traffic in here.

Yes other holsters may work but sooner or later you will want a high quality
CZ specific holster. I think you might have found that out with your BD.
Be sure to mention me to High Noon when you do.

There is a reason ( actually a couple) that HN has been to official CZF holster company
for almost a decade.


best of luck with your eventual holster purchase,

KEV ( High Noon and DT cheerleader.. 'cause someone has to be:)