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Frank V
10-01-2011, 20:26
I've been wanting to try AA#7 in the 9mm. I bought a pound today. Is anyone using it & if so how do you like it? Are there any areas to be watching for or is it a powder without any sudden pressure spikes?

10-01-2011, 20:29
never tried aa#7. i use aa#5 and titegroup in 9mm. let is know how it works.

10-01-2011, 20:29
I use it for both 9 and 10mm and have no problem with it. In fact its been keeping me from trying other powders because I like how it works

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10-02-2011, 06:24
When used in the proper applications #7 is a good performer. I have used it in the 10m/m, Super 38, and .357 Mag. The only complaint I have about it is that it can "leak" through a powder measure.

10-02-2011, 07:21
Frank V,
It's a good powder. I used 32 lbs in ten years, but i needed hot stuff for my comp gun. I have switch to HS-6. Try 7.2 gr for 115 RN Berry's Bullets - it was my money maker for side bets.

10-02-2011, 07:34
I used to use it for my 9mm plinking load (7.9 gr with 124gr plated bullet at 1.135" OAL) and it was very consistent in grouping and would maintain a 1100 fps velocity since I was trying to mimic factory rounds. It was also the powder that I cloned the Speer Gold Dot 124 +P round with (I actually got about 50 fps faster, and tighter velocity range than the factory ammunition).

I'll still use it for my backup supply of Gold Dots if I can ever find more Speer head stamped nickle cases, but I've moved away from it for my general 9mm loading. The reason that I went back to Universal for my general load was that AA #7 always left what looked like a sandy deposit of unburnt powder in my guns, especially on the workings of my MP5's and I had to use almost double the weight of AA#7 as I do Universal.

I still use it as my load for .357 SIG.

10-03-2011, 16:27
I've used AA#7 for 9mm. I liked it a lot and only moved away from it when I switched to lead because I was having issues. If I remember right, I was loading 8.0gr under a 124gr FMJ for ~1150 fps. With lead bullets, I was getting ~1000 fps with 6.0gr and a ~130gr cast bullet.

I'm currently using 4.0gr of Unique with a ~130gr cast bullet, but I'm going to try AA#7 again. Now that I have worked out the issues that I was having.

10-03-2011, 17:25
I like AA#7 in 357sig & 10mm, but haven't gotten around to trying it in 9mm or 40. I could see it as a great +P powder for 9mm though.

10-03-2011, 19:08
Nearly the same as Power Pistol. It's just really fluid like in the way it meters. Has less flash and requires more powder to get the same velocity. I prefer PP because I am cheap.

Frank V
10-04-2011, 17:00
I bought a can of AA#7 I really wanted to try it & am glad I did. Here is what I found.
It meters through my Lyman #55 powder measure like a dream, no leaking as one said. I poured over several manuals & found the Speer #14 to have the heaviest loads. Lyman, Hornaday, & AAs data was very similar.
I started with a 124gr FMJ bullet mixed cases (range brass) & CCI SPPs
Gun G19
Chronograph Chrony
Distance 10'
Weather Cloudy/75 degrees light breeze.

Load 1: 125gr FMJ mixed cases 7-1/2grs AA#7

ES: just over 75fps Ave. Velocity 1032.94fps

Load 2: 125gr FMJ mixed cases 8grs AA#7

ES: 22fps Ave Velocity: 1136.2fps.

As I shot the second load I was getting excited by the 3rd shot the velocities were so close together. I'd only loaded 5 each just to test for functioning, safety, & velocity. The cases using the 7-1/2gr load were kind of sooty which suggested they weren't filling out & sealing the chamber real well.
The cases of the 8gr load weren't sooty, & the primers looked fine on each load with neither showing any case buldging or stretch marks. My gun felt just a bit sluggish wiht the 7-1/2gr load, but I had no malfunctions, the cases didn't land too far from my feet.
The functioning of the 8gr load felt more like std. factory 125gr loads that I've used with satisfaction. The cases were ejected more forcefully & landed about 10' away at about 2 O'Clock which is just about were factory loads land.
I am pleased with the functioning of the 8gr load. I went home & loaded 50 to test on paper, but it's been pretty windy since & it'd be more of a case of how well can I shoot in the wind as it would be a test of accuracy. I'll update this info when I've had a chance to shoot on paper. The small ES of 22 doesn't gurantee accuracy, but it's a good indication that the load is working properly. I expect it to shoot well. I'll let you know.
Hope this hasn't been too windy, I had fun working up a load & hope it's interesting to some.:thumbsup:
Good shooting.

10-04-2011, 22:55
AA powders sure aren't economical but they are wonderful powders. #7 works well for carbine 9mm.

10-09-2011, 06:54
Accurate is a good powder. After you finish with the #7 try the #5 and see what you think. I have used the #5 in my 40 S&W and 9mm with very good results and they seem to burn clean too. As mentioned, they are not as economical as some of the other powders. As one old man told me years ago, "Find what works and leave the rest".

10-11-2011, 15:07
In my experience AA7 performs best when you're up there with max pressure loads and +P loads. I've used it in top end 9mm loads, and it is especially good in the 9x23 Winchester (a 50k psi round)

Meters like a dream
Low flash powder
Very dense; you can get a lot of powder into the case.
At high pressure it burns very clean

In some powder measures, it can leak out
Not good for low pressure loadings (this is true of many mid-range powders)
You run out of powder fast; you have to use quite a bit more powder compared to other powders in the same range