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10-02-2011, 00:30
could somebody point me in right the direction.
I am looking to read the penal code regarding who is exempt on the full capacity magazines in California.

I have the penal code book but am having trouble locating the right paragraph.....grrrr.....needle in a haystack...

i am attempting to win a bet with a co-worker.

Please any help will be greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work fellas

10-02-2011, 02:44
12020 PC

Paragraphs (18) - (32)

Chico Bill
10-02-2011, 21:29
Hmmm...What is the bet? Because possession of high-cap magazines isn't illegal. Any "exemption" is for the sale of/to, importation, and manufacture...etc.

10-02-2011, 21:57
the bet is reguarding pc 830.1(c) and person "x"
He carrries 15's on his duty belt, but.... is it legit to aquire an AK drum. Its not "work related" but he has peace officer status - when on duty, not off duty.

I dont speak penal code jargon and its hard to interpret....or im dense.....

10-03-2011, 00:09
LE is exempt from buying, possessing, and manufacturing new "high capacity" feeding devices, as defined under the penal code.

That is, while civilians can own and repair magazines owned prior to the ban, they cannot buy our make new magazines after the ban.

As for duty uses? I know of no prohibition of that sort. ProForce in Brea sells 50 rd 10/22 drums, ****** sells 100 rd Beta mags, and every place will sell you mags for guns you don't own. There is no duty requirement under the law. There may be in store policy or department policy, that's it.