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10-03-2011, 08:14
Does anyone have one of the X5 lightweights. I would love to have a review from an actual end user and not a weapon review site. I was thinking about selling my champion operator and buying one of the X5 LW. I know you'll say save up and buy one but I can't...I have to trade one for the other as I can't just come up with 2200+ for a pistol. Thanks in advance.


10-03-2011, 20:03
I assume you're going to carry it. Otherwise, I see no reason to buy the LW version.

All the X-Five models are great.

10-03-2011, 20:43
I own an X-6 LTWT, an X-5 L1, and an X-5 Tac. My LTWT came from the Sig Academy Pro Shop and has the sweetest safety and the most beautiful wood, but then, I'm partial to my own gun. The LTWT has a great blended weight with the adjustability of the L1. My wife and I in fact talked tonight that she would love to have an X-5 LTWT Tac....but they don't make such a thing. The masterpiece guns are a cut above...but they are pricey and not for everyone. Hey, they all go bang when you pull the trigger...but I hear what you're saying...I can make the X-5 LTWT by switching slides and I've done so and I can tell you it's a sweet deal. Email me you I can answer specific questions at ramplit (@) hotmail dote com Good luck!