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Andy W
10-04-2011, 14:09
Mas, I believe I read a story a while back where a man used a .500 Magnum revolver to shoot a criminal who broke into his home but I don't remember where or when it happened. Have you ever heard this story? All I can remember is that the intruder was hit in the upper leg and survived, but with very serious injuries; the extent of which I can only imagine. It seems like they would have had to amputate his leg or at the very least he'd never walk right again. I don't know if the intruder was immediately stopped but, with a round that size, it's hard to imagine that it would take long.

A .500 magnum is obviously not a good choice for home defense but it seemed to work in this case. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like to fire a .500 S&W off inside a house, let alone to be shot with one at near point blank range. I mean, I've fondled one in the gun shop and seen videos of people firing them on you tube and, all I could think when I first heard this story was HOLY S**T!

If you've heard or seen this story, I was wondering what your thoughts were. Sorry, I haven't been able to find a link.

Mas Ayoob
10-04-2011, 15:18
Sorry, Andy, I'm afraid that one's not coming to mind.


Andy W
10-04-2011, 18:13
Mas, I did some searching and I think i got the story from the thread linked below. I don't think it was ever printed in a newspaper or anything. It could be totally made up. I thought I read it in a a news article but apparently is was just something somebody posted in a thread here at GT a while back. For some reason I thought of this story today and had the idea to post it here. However, since it isn't even confirmed that this actually happened, I guess there really wasn't any point in mentioning it to you.

Do you know of any confirmed incidents where someone used a S&W 500 (or even a .454 or .460) in self defense against a human aggressor?