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10-06-2011, 14:11
From experience who can you recommend for taking a 1911 armorer course? My dept doesn't send us so I'm off to find one. Thanks for the suggestions! (I'm in Colorado)

10-06-2011, 14:28
I went through the Colt class since it was being offered with the AR class in the same week at the same hosting agency.

I'm told S&W hasn't been offering their 1911 class because of lack of requests (since the 1911 is basically a commercial sales item, with not much in the way of agency sales).

A friend of mine went through a 1911 pistol armorer class that was a bit more advanced done by Lassen Junior College for one of the their traveling field courses.

I suppose it depends if you want to be certified by the company who makes the weapon you carry, or a "non-factory" class, too.

10-06-2011, 22:37
Thanks! I'm not necessarily looking for a factory armorer course as we can carry a few of the more well known 1911's brands. A private 1911 course might be my best way to go.

10-07-2011, 00:28
It also depends on the depth of "field repairs" you want to do supporting different brands of 1911-style pistols, too. Some of the models made by some of the different big names might have some requirements specific to their products.

Being trained and certified by one of the major gun companies can be helpful in that the recommended repairs and maintenance might be more easily explained (and defended, if need be), in some subsequent court proceeding if your maintenance, repair and corrective actions are later called into question.

Naturally, the different variations and differences might require you defer to a factory repair tech at some point, or whatever professional gunsmithing service is authorized by your agency. (Like dealing with an external extractor or firing pin safety mechanism you might not have been trained to service in a particular class.)

It depends how far your agency permits you to go regarding their exposure to liability, as well as how far you're willing to go when working on some specific make/model.

There's been a number of instances where I've recommended someone return their personally-owned 1911 to the manufacturer for examination and repair due to one reason or another. :whistling:

10-07-2011, 02:26
Mine came from Ken Elmore at Colt.

If you want something not related to a particular factory, see what the Colorado School of Trades gunsmithing division can do for you.

10-07-2011, 08:19
Colt for me. Ken Elmore left Colt and does them himself. CO School of the Trades and Lassen College are okay but guys who went to Lassen do some questionable stuff sometimes. I think Kimber did classes at one point.