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Im Protected
10-08-2011, 13:15
I purchased a Springer Precision Trigger kit for my XDM 9 compact from an individual that
Decided not, to install it in his pistol. This kit was new in the package and came with the
Trigger bar, two springs and the sear. Now that I have watched all the videos from Springer
Precision home page at least 6 times each, and have had my XDM completely apart numerous
times, just because I do that sort of thing with all my guns, Iím ready to install it.

I started with the installation of the Sear and moved onto the trigger bar.

1. I put the trigger on the new trigger bar and installed it for test fit.

2. After install, I checked the adjustment for the preset, by holding down the Striker Safety Lever and making sure the Preset moves up and down freely and not binding. Mine did bind, so I had to make adjustments with a file until it did. (small adjustments and rechecks is a must)

3. I moved on to the front of the trigger bar where it hits the frame. This needs to have some of the metal removed in that area to allow the trigger to move back.

4. This adjustment allows the Sear to move down and allow the release of the Striker/Firing Pin. Again, Small adjustment and rechecks is a must. When youíre checking your work, remember that you have to install the long safety bar on the XDMís in order to allow the Sear to move down.

5. Watch all the video before you attempt this.

Now this is where it gets interesting. After working on the front of the trigger bar, I could not get the Sear to go down far enough to release the Striker/Firing pin. I could only get it to go down about a 1/16 of an inch and the trigger was all the way back and hitting the frame. I got back on the videos and watched them all again only to come up with ZERO. I was a little frustrated at this time and it being after hours of course, I left an E-Mail message on Springer Precision help page and explained the problem I was having with the install and that I was not the original buyer, but it was a new kit.
The next morning my phone rang and it was Scott over at Springer Precision CALLING ME about the problem I was having. Scott thought it sounded like an older kit and walked me through the identification process of the trigger bar and sure enough it was. Scott offered to replace the kit free of charge with the newer version by sending this kit back to him. WHAT! Did I hear him right? FREE OF CHARGE! I didnít even buy it from him. What kind of company does this? I will tell you, Itís a customer based company that wants anyone who owns there product, HAPPY! WOW, what a brilliant Idea.
I sent the kit back and received the new one in the mail a few days later and followed the same steps I did earlier to the other kit and everything works perfect. I love my new trigger from Springer Precision and highly recommend this company for any of their other custom services. THANKS AGAIN SPRIGER PRECISION.

10-08-2011, 20:45
Sounds like a good way to run a business. Kudos to Scott Springer!

04-17-2012, 21:46
He did the work on my XDM Open gun. Great work, and service!!!

04-17-2012, 23:14
Scott is one hell of a gunsmith and a great guy in general. I had him completely work over my XD including a barsto barrel. I wouldn't hesitate to send more work o him because he obviously stands behind his work.

04-18-2012, 00:46
They do good work and have good service. Over on the XD site they are very popular.


06-11-2012, 23:48
Springer Precision does some outstanding work and have some great products. XDs & XDMs have very difficult to remove sights. Solution: Send them to Springer Precision. Scott put Dawson sights on two of my 9mm XDMs. Nightsights with small tubes aft and a larger front. Good to go in light, not so light and dark conditions. Good company, good service.