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10-09-2011, 14:04
Hi Mas,

My first question is in regard to FEDERAL law regarding concealed carry in non sterile area of airport. By non sterile mean area before security checks. I would be picking up people, going to restaurants, shops, etc. Naturally, have necessary concealed carry permit.

If no Federal prohibition, my second question is in regard to State or even local prohibitions and source of information in this area. I am specifically interested in Pennsylvania.

As always thanks for your help.


Mas Ayoob
10-09-2011, 19:28
Jack, I'd suggest you check it out at, the best such online resource I know of.


10-09-2011, 20:16

I have researched this on a number of sites and forums. Get various answers. Handgunlaw under PA say no State laws found. Under VA handgunlaw cites some prohibitions.

I suppose I could infer from this that no Federal statutes in place. But that, as you know, is a dangerous approach. I am really surprised not more discussion of concealed carry in non sterile area of airport with all the discussion of concealed carry on public lands, parks, etc.

Thanks for the reference. Do you have any other suggestions of where I should research this question?


Mas Ayoob
10-09-2011, 20:27
Try a letter to the US Attorney General's Office, and one to the State Attorney General's Office in the state where you live. Please get back to us here and let us know how they respond.