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10-12-2011, 16:28
Hi Mas,
Can you give me a list of the three best
defensive handgun training facilities in order of preference?
(i.e. Gunsight, Thunder Ranch, )

Thanks Much!

Mas Ayoob
10-12-2011, 19:04
I don't think I can answer your question as asked. Both of the schools you mentioned are top choices, and high on my own recommended list.

That said, the problem is, I've been a private sector training provider for 30 years, and the recommendation of School A, and absence of mention of School B, would call into question the element of business competition and thus create a perception of conflict of interest.

It's also a subjective issue. Are you looking more for WHEN to shoot, or HOW to shoot? Skill development, or skill testing? Handgun or long gun? Marksmanship or tactics? The mental side or the physical side...all good schools will cover both, but any might "major" in one side of things and "minor" in the other, or vice versa.

I'd suggest you use the search function here at GT to look for AARs (After Action Reports) on the various schools, and see which ones might be closer to what you're looking for, based on reports from people who've actually taken the training offered by the given school.

Best of luck,

10-12-2011, 20:33
I thought It might be a "politically incorrect" question to pose concidering your professional activities.
But I had to try - LOL!

Thanks Mas