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Andy W
10-12-2011, 21:08

I know you and others have stated that multiple attackers are becoming increasingly common in the event of a home invasion, mugging, rape, etc. Have you seen any statistics regarding this? Would you say over 50% of home invasions are committed by more than one assailant? I have no idea about muggings but I would imagine a lot of them involve more than one attacker. But rape on the other hand, as I understand it, is usually commited by only one person who is known to the victim; but of course this is not always the case.

I remember reading a couple of news articles where home invasions have involved at least 5 or 6 assailants; possibly more. However, if I remember correctly these turned out to be drug cartel related; not random attacks against innocent, unsuspecting citizens.

So, what do you think the liklihood is of the average citizen having to deal with multiple assailants in the event of an attack of some kind?

Mas Ayoob
10-14-2011, 17:41
Multiple invaders aren't always "druggie on druggie" situations. Do a Google search for the ninja-clad gang that murdered innocent foster parents in a Florida home invasion not too long ago.

I can't answer your question as asked because I'm unaware of any central source that gathers empirical data on this. I can only say that because planning for disaster encompasses planning for the worst, it's wise to go on the assumption that one will face multiple assailants, and prepare accordingly.