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chris in va
10-13-2011, 14:52
Finally got one. Wasn't easy, CZ USA was on backorder and the LGS had this one for :wow: $729. Ouch.

I'm elated, can't wait to start the break-in process like with my 75BD. (

Diesel McBadass
10-13-2011, 20:29
sweet, let us know how she shoots, id like a BD myself:cool:

10-13-2011, 21:34
Congrats on a great 45.

I've got one myself.

chris in va
10-13-2011, 22:37
Here's a couple comparisons to my 75BD I find interesting...

Feed ramp is the same width.

Barrels the same length.

75 slide fits on the 97, just not back far enough. No, I wouldn't try it anyway.

Length and height are identical. Only the LOP is longer (I can barely reach the DA pull).

Grips don't have the 'coke bottle' shape my 75 does.

And some other observations...

Witness 45 magazines are exactly the same as factory CZ in and out, only the baseplate is slightly shorter.

Despite the tall rear sight, it still somehow points naturally. Everything is lined up as it should be when doing the point shooting test.

The chamber is nicely throated and feed ramp polished. I look forward to testing a few HP designs.

Can't get to the range until next week, so I've been sitting here fiddling with the two guns for a while.

If you guys could post a pic of your older 97's chamber, I would really appreciate it.