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10-14-2011, 06:33
What do you think of Greg Ellifritz's findings on handgun ammunition ?
I have read some pretty critical comments regarding his research methodology and conclusions. I was the chair of research and human studies committees in a medical center for a couple of decades and it seems to me that he did a good job with his methodology given that he was dealing with the real world and not a situation where most of the relevant variables could be controlled by the researcher.

Mas Ayoob
10-14-2011, 17:35
You put it very well, sir.

Whatever criticism there might be of how the available data was correlated and analyzed, the criticism always seems to come from people who never made the effort to collect, correlate, and analyze such data themselves. So it was with Marshall and Sanow, so it is with Ellifritz, and so it will be with the next person who attempts this Herculean task.

It is easy enough for critics to toss off a catch phrase such as "the plural of anedote is not data."

The critics should realize that the plural of anecdote IS "collective experience."