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JC Refuge
10-16-2011, 09:59
Here's one more chance, friends.

We've again got inventory of all Mountain House canned varieties, absolutely fresh from the factory. (Note: some varieties will sell out very quickly ... Note too: the MH factory is beginning to back-up again due to high consumer demand, so take heed.)

1. ONLY Oct. 16-19, Safecastle will offer the maximum-allowed 25% discounts on all MH cans (http://store.prepared.pro/onsale.aspx) in stock!

2. No matter what quantity you order, you always get FREE SHIPPING (to the lower 48).

3. Plus, Buyers Club members reap substantial benefits from two separate incentive programs ... first--the Royalty Rewards (http://store.prepared.pro/2011-mhrewards.aspx) program which this time around offers $50 gift certificates for every three MH can cases ordered -- no limit. Second, as with all purchases in our store through 2011, purchases count toward our unique Cache Back (http://store.prepared.pro/2011-cache-back-program.aspx) program for members..

ALSO--for those looking to stock up on protein via some delicious wet-pack meats (stores for 20 years) we have in stock plenty of Keystone (http://store.prepared.pro/keystone-meat-variety-package.aspx) beef, chicken, pork, turkey, and ground beef.

I should also mention we have on hand plenty of the ever-popular fresh, canned Bega Cheese (http://store.prepared.pro/redfeathercannedcheese-1.aspx) and Red Feather Butter (http://store.prepared.pro/redfeathercannedbutter.aspx). Good for 10-15 years--refrigeration not needed.

Our On-Sale Category (http://store.prepared.pro/onsale.aspx)


JC Refuge
10-17-2011, 07:51
We are out now of a couple of the varieties, but we do have on hand large quantities of most of everything else. Get what you need at the maximum-allowed discount:


JC Refuge
10-18-2011, 08:32

Still rollin' 'em out the door. Good inventory left on most varieties.

JC Refuge
10-18-2011, 14:13
Just added inventory on Lasagna and Oriental Spicy Chicken


JC Refuge
10-19-2011, 16:21
Last call