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10-17-2011, 16:21
When I install a program that I want , but the wife doesn't, (she is a admiistrator) how do I NOT install the desktop short cut on her desktop? Or once it's installed as a shortcut, how do I delete it? If I delete the shortcut from her desktop, it's gone from mine and I want to keep it. I'm running Windows Vista Business. Thanks

10-17-2011, 16:31
If the program does not give you the choice of all users or just you...

Path might be different depending on version of windows, but:

If you go to here:
or here
C:\Documents and Settings\

You should see the different users for the, wife, all users (it might be called Public in windows 7)...the link is probably in the all users desktop folder. Move it to your folder and your wife shouldn't see it.