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10-17-2011, 21:55
Hi Mas,

Regarding your comment below on 20 Gauge Shotguns for HD...

"Finally, before you buy, consider going with an auto instead of a pump. It takes a LOT of habituation to run a pump gun swiftly on "auto pilot," and while you may have the skill and experience to do it, the others in the home defense "pool" who resort to that gun may not."

Could you please share your thoughts on your preferred models/brands of 20 Gauge Autos regarding reliability/usability like you did for the pumps?


Mas Ayoob
10-18-2011, 04:23
The 20-gauge auto we see most often in class is the Remington, and it works fine so long as it's kept reasonably clean. I've heard great things about the 20-gauge Benelli auto, but haven't seen enough of them in action to form a solid opinion.