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10-18-2011, 21:08
Just recieved new Second Chance Body Armor this week and it came with these removable protective inserts. Anybody else have these? What do you thank of them? Do you think they are really needed? They seem to add just a little more bulk but I guess on the chance that I get tasered they would be nice to have. Just looking for others opinions!!


10-18-2011, 21:15
If it added bulk to the vest, I wouldn't use them unless there was a policy requiring it. Although anything is possible, how many instances of Officer shot by DB using a Taser? Divide that by how many LEO's, and the number gets pretty darn close to zero. I would be far more worried about a drunk running me over.

If your bad guy is threatening you with a Taser, you can always stand 22 feet away, and shoot repeatedly until they change their mind.:supergrin:

10-18-2011, 21:32
I am not aware of Second Chance utilizing it in their armor, their website does not mention it. Point Blank Body Armor and PACA Body Armor have had a relationship with ThorShield for many years now, offering this material in their vest.

It is sewn in as part of the cover/carrier and is about half the denier (thickness) of a common t-shirt. It does not add any bulk to the package and is very effective.

There are verifiable instances of cops being disarmed of their taser and deployed against them, one in Tampa (FL) and another in VA. We spec Point Blank Armor with the Thorshield material in our vests.

I have demo'd this material and its effectiveness on literally hundreds of occasions.

10-18-2011, 21:43
I couldnt find it on their website either but I have it. They are calling it "Counterstrike EDW" It is pretty thin it looks pretty much like the stuff you mention. The package says its uses highly conductive fabric with nickel over copper and it has a 2 year warranty. Your post convinced me, currently attaching it to the vest, THANKS!!

10-18-2011, 21:50
Pics if you get a chance please. I am curious about "attaching" it.

10-18-2011, 21:58
bodyarmorguy, I just sent you a PM

10-19-2011, 19:38
I don't think it's needed, IMHO. I was one of the poor saps volunteered to be a test subject when we first tested the Taser in 2000. I also happened to be the one they used to test the effects with the probes attached to my body armor. The current went through the vest, and I barely felt the smallest tingle. It wasn't even the slightest bit uncomfortable. Hardly noticeable at all. If my adrenalin had been up, like I was fighting someone, it wouldn't have even registered.

10-19-2011, 19:43
I was on the receiving end of a deployment (i was shot in the back) while wearing body armor in training. I felt the full effects.