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10-19-2011, 13:20
While it's not my "Favorite" GLOCK--that would be either a Second-Gen G-17, Third-Gen G-17 OR a Third-Gen G-17L--the G-21 in the pics below is probably my most "Out of the Ordinary"--and therefore probably my "Most Photogenic"--GLOCK...
My Second-Gen 21 was Reduced and Stippled by a friend who used to work in a local Gun Shop...unfortunately, he has moved "Up North", and no longer works in the local shop...FWIW, my 21 ended up being a lil' "Slimmer" than even a 21 SF...and is the SOFTEST-Shooting "Plastic" .45 I've EVER Fired...FWIW...Hope you ENJOY....mikey357

10-19-2011, 16:40
Looks good.

I wonder if anyone has slimmed/stippled a Glock down so far as to get rid of the void at the bottom of the hump/grip . . . well, apart from Gen 4 backstraps . . .

11-09-2011, 09:47
thats different.