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10-20-2011, 22:41

First time poster. New pistol owner. Glock 22 Gen 4. Thanks in advance for any input you can give me. I started with a 180 grain gold Dot Speer as a self defense round. When testing it I found I had similar accuracy compared to the target fmj 180 grain rounds I am using. Unfortunately I can not find any more locally available. I picked up some Magtech 180 fmj rounds for target and was impressed enough to try the 135 grain all copper self defense rounds. I will be testing them this weekend. I have concerns about how light the round is and if it will affect accuracy relative to practicing with the 180 grain FMJ. Can you comment on that concern?

I have tried a box of Hornady critical defense rounds with the sponge in the front and had inconsistent accuracy compared to my target rounds. Was going to try them again to verify and they were no longer available at the local big box well known supplier. I wish they would be consistent in their merchandise.

I am trying to find a good self defense round that I can shoot 10 of every time I practice and find a consistent supply of. You may have posted your preference for 40 caliber self defense rounds elsewhere but could you direct me or re-post here? Thanks, i appreciate the opportunity to ask questions; expertise is not easily found.

Mas Ayoob
10-22-2011, 09:59
I'm partial to 155 grain JHP at 1200 fps or 165 grain JHP at 1140 fps. Both have worked well on the street, across the major brands. The most economical is probably the Winchester 155 grain Silvertip in the 50-round box.