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10-21-2011, 15:43
Found out today that you should NOT disable IPv6 on SBS 2011. If you do, the subsequent exchange updates will cause the server to hang at "preparing to configure windows" on reboot.

10-21-2011, 17:07
I can only guess that this was NOT the *Fun* you started your day seeking... :wow:

I really dislike such scenarios... Hope you made it out of it okay!


10-21-2011, 18:05
Fortunately I was able to get into safe mode with networking, re-enable IPV6 on the adapter and boot back into normal mode.

10-22-2011, 11:13
I was installing sbs 2011 the other day and it failed during update 27/72, which just happened to be an exchange update. I had disabled Ipv6 as well. ended up just blowing it off and reinstalling. Changed and documented my order this time, and she's running like a champ.