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10-25-2011, 13:40
The last few years I've been wearing under armor heat gear under my vest. Now that it's getting colder out, I was thinking there might be a warmer alternative to the tshirt heat gear stuff I'm wearing. The catch is I don't want to spend 50 bucks for cold weather under armor.

What do you guys and gals wear?

unit 900
10-25-2011, 15:11
I've had good luck with merino wool long sleeve base layers ( a little pricey). Also happy with merino/poly mix. The link that follows is for a "Wickers' brand LS poly shirt. I've used them before; quality is good, made for cold weather and price is right. Color choices still available as of now. Stay warm and dry out there.


10-25-2011, 15:11
JC Penney sells their store brand St Johns Bay navy blue mock turtleneck for around $7~$8. They are cotton/poly blend and are pretty heavy thick fabric and they're pretty warm and comfortable. They have other colors as well. I bought two a couple years ago and they're still fine. The collars and wrists are still like new, and the collar height is just about right for an open collar (we're allowed to wear long sleeve Class B uniform shirts without a necktie for general patrol duties). The fabric dosn't pill like a 100% cotton shirt and the poly blend holds its color very well. I continue to wear a thin polyester/spandex cool-max type undershirt under the mock-T and it's all good.

I need to get a couple more and put them back for a couple years down the road.


10-25-2011, 19:20
Where you're at, how cold does it get?

I remember as a rookie, first time on patrol, at night on a foot post, and the temp was around 25 degrees. I was wearing a cotton T-shirt. A few minutes after a short foot chase ended (and the vest trapping the sweat), I began to freeze and shiver.

After that, I only wore sweat wisking poly-something-or-other winter gear that kept warmth even when it was wet. The stuff I wore was purchased from the Sportsman Guide. But I'm sure there's other stuff just as good, if not better.

10-25-2011, 19:47
As above. I would rather just have a thin wicking undershirt. Nothing is worse than briefly sweating in cold weather in a cotton shirt. You will freeze after that because the shirt will hold onto the moisture.

10-25-2011, 20:52
Under Armour heat gear during the summer and cold gear during the winter. Yea, UA is a little pricey, but it works and keeps me comfortable. To me the price is worth it considering that you spend a majority of your time in battle rattle. I'm tight as the bark on a tree, but I've found that cheaping out usually jsut cost more in the end and leaves me uncomfortable. YMMV, of course!

10-25-2011, 20:54
I've worn nothing but the UnderArmor that feels like thin cotton for the past 6-7 years. Cotton is awful, the tight stuff is very uncomfortable and the off brands just aren't as good. Plus, the UA stuff lasts forever.

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Goldendog Redux
10-25-2011, 20:57
I wear an old blown out Patagonia midweight capilene L/S henly shirt with a 5/11 t shirt over it (for the collar mostly). Usually a wife beater under all of it. Works fine for me.


10-25-2011, 21:58
Idaho, so temps will mostly be low 20s. I'm thinking those wickers shirts look pretty good. I'll probably give them a try.

10-25-2011, 22:00
Nike pro fit no matter what.

10-26-2011, 00:00
Heat Gear under a thermal top, under a long full cotton/poly turtle neck, if it's really cold, a commando sweater over the uniform shirt.

10-26-2011, 00:18
I broke down and bought the UA cold gear shirt. I have one of them, and it has lasted 4 years so far and is still in good shape.

It doesn't absorb sweat or odor so I can usually wear it for my 4 day work week without it being gross.

It is much comfortable than a cotton thermal or turtle neck, and most importantly to me the sleeves and mock turtle neck fit tight and hold their shape.

I think its worth the money.

10-26-2011, 06:46
Like has already been said, UA Cold Gear is the best bet. I wear it religiously during the long cold Wisconsin Winters.

It does get expensive, but its like buying cheap boots. Your going to wear them twice, then ask yourself why you wasted your money. Do yourself a favor and spend the little extra money.

10-26-2011, 15:25
Under armour tnp t

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Hollywood D
10-26-2011, 16:58
I only wear the UA fitted stuff. I found that the fabric is a little nicer and breathes more. I don't like their regular cold gear, its itchy and I sweat too much in it.

10-31-2011, 11:31
I ended up ordering Terramar helix shirt and 2 wickers shirts. I have a sierra trading post locally so I check them out ahead of time. I'll post back after I wear them awhile.