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10-26-2011, 12:56
I mostly carry a SR9C at about 1:00 clock in a Belly Band. The Belly Band can be adjusted low so the grip rides even with the waistband on my pants. This allows me to wear tight fitting un-tucked t-shirts or to even go shirtless while allowing quick access. Does anyone know if they make an IWB soft-sided holster that has a clip mounted high on the holster material which allows the holster and pistol to ride very low at waistband level? I’m hoping someone makes one so I can use this it to carry while keeping the gun in the same position that I’ve become accustomed to.
Thanks to all!

10-26-2011, 14:20
Like this?

10-26-2011, 14:25
Yeah Velo. Like that! I hope there's more to look at from you fine fellows! You know, knowing you guys is like going to gun college!

10-26-2011, 18:59
The Desantis Insider would be a good option for you too.