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10-30-2011, 09:37
Mas, how important have you found movement to be during a self-defense incident? In all the incidents you have studied, have you found a single step to one side or another is sufficient or have you found continous movement to be most effective? Of course we want to move to cover if possible, I'm meaning movement after or during the draw and initial rounds fired. Currently, I train our officers to step right or left (depending on terrain) as they draw in an attempt to move off the "X" and disrupt, however short, the bad guys OODA loop.

As usual, thanks for the help......

Mas Ayoob
10-30-2011, 21:21
J, it all depends on "the totality of the circumstances." An amazing number of good guys have stood their ground and won the fight without any significant tactical movement. Some have survived because they did move.

Shooting while moving, moving and then shooting, and "stand and deliver" should all be skills the shooter has in his or her toolbox, to be applied as the situation demands.

Offered as just one more opinion,