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10-30-2011, 20:32
A friend gave me some bullets today: about 60 rounds of 7.62x51. He acquired these from a yard sale (if I recall correctly from what he told me) several years back. There is one box, unopened, of Match Ammo. It is Frankford Arsenal and the box reads 7.62 MM Match, M 118, Lot SA-24, Bullet 173 grains, Velocity 2550 FPS, and on the opposite side, 1965 Match, Frankford Arsenal. There were another 40 rounds that were loose but 20 of those rounds are headstamped FA 65 and appear to be factory ammo, also. (The remaining 20 rounds had WRA and TW headstamps.) I base that on the fact that the primers are all sealed. Whoever had this ammo probably had 2 boxes of the FA ammo but one box most likely tore up. I am not worried about the age of the ammo-- it all looks fine,-- I shot up some 1962 vintage .45ACP just a few months ago, so I know that ammo doesn't just "go bad". What I do want to know is do any of you have any experience with/knowledge of this ammo and how good is it? Thanks for any info!

11-01-2011, 19:45
No direct experience, but as long as it is factory loaded ammo and not Bubba's Boolits reloads, I don't see a problem.

11-01-2011, 20:15
I was able to sort out a few obvious reloads-- primers were a different color and had no sealant. All the brass is military spec, the headstamp includes the circle with a cross/plus sign, which, if I understand this correctly, indicates that it is manufactured as 7.62 to NATO standards. 2 of the rounds have orange tips and are therefore tracers, AND there was one blank cartridge. I have some shooting to do after deer season.