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11-03-2011, 01:38
I debated whether to put this here or in "Caliber Corner". I decided this wasn't really about caliber so much as a life lesson.

What if you ran into this little lady?

No drugs no alcohol.

She was hit by twice by vehicles on the M6 and it took four police officers to restrain her.

Two days later she jumped off of a 40ft bridge (after stabbing a man to death) to the road below and survived.

Her sister was run over by a semi and went under the tires of the trailer. When she regained consiousness she fought with the police. She also survived.

Again, no drugs or alcohol.

No criminal history.

No history of mental illness.

Stopping power? What's that?

Madness in the Fast Lane (in four parts), a BBC documentary with actual footage:

Stay safe, don't judge people by their appearance and NEVER EVER underestimate your opponent.

Happyguy :)

11-03-2011, 08:34
stay safe, don't judge people by their appearance and never ever underestimate your opponent.

happyguy :)




11-03-2011, 10:20
Is it just me or do the British police rely heavily on hoping someone will just do what they have politely asked? I can imagine how much differently that would have been handled on American freeways.

11-03-2011, 10:36
tazem bro

11-03-2011, 18:37
What if you ran into this little lady?

Give her a false address for Sarah Connor and run! :supergrin:

Gunnut 45/454
11-04-2011, 10:27
Well they were CLEARLY MAD as Haters! Why in the hell would you release them back into the streets! Who ever allowed them out of the Mad house is responsible for the stabbing! They should have been cuffed and stuffed not stand on the side of the road!:steamed: