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11-03-2011, 14:03
Can someone give me info on these? Whats the difference between these and other Noveske uppers? Stainless barrel? Barrel Profile? Weight? How do they shoot? Sorry, I'm definitely no expert in Noveske in general, just know of them through their upper tier reputation.

11-03-2011, 16:05
Lighter because of thinner profile barrels. If I was going to get a ss Noveske I would get a NST.

11-04-2011, 06:58
Anyone around here own one of these?

11-04-2011, 13:05
Never shot that particular upper so to speak, but I do own Noveske stainless steel barrels, do have a couple of the same Troy rails and do have a Titan comp.

Basically that is their lightweight competition set up. Meaning that the barrel is the lightweight profile stainless steel for decreased weight and increased accuracy. They also use the very lightweight, no frills Troy Extreme rail. They cap it with the Titan comp, which works extremely well as a compensator but puts out some serious side concussion. Also on the plus side is that the 16" version uses a midlength gas system, but if you want an 18" barrel, the intermediate gas length IMO is where you really start feeling a good difference in less recoil, coming closer to a pure rifle length set up. Also the uppers I believe come with a Gunfighter CH and the bolt carrier group. I am not sure if they come standard with a matched bolt for the specific chamber however. Edit - Meaning that for an extra cost on many barrel sets, Noveske will match a particular bolt within a certain tolerance for that specific barrels extension.

I am actually putting together parts (only waiting on the Noveske FFL lower) and I am doing a similar set up, however I am using the Noveske 14.5" fluted Afghan barrel which is also midlength gas. I am not using the Titan comp either. It is a great comp and great for competition use, but it does have some good amounts of side concussion. Overall you absolutely cannot go wrong with Noveske, especially their barrels which are pretty much my favorite barrels.

11-04-2011, 13:19
Hmm... Sounds really interesting. By competition setup, are you talking 3-gun? Short range? Medium?

I love those Titans when shooting the gun... Maybe not quite as much when watching from the side!

11-04-2011, 13:23
The NST is their Noveske Shooting Team Upper. Most people who shoot 3gun though are usually very brand loyal to brands that help support their sport, which Noveske does not, so I haven't ever seen one used.


11-04-2011, 13:29
They were built to suit the needs for the Noveske Shooting Team, therefore the NST designation. From 16" midlength gas to 18" intermediate length gas, these uppers can handle any type of competition style shooting using this platform / caliber. Again the Titan comp is used a lot by competition shooters because it is phenomenal at keeping the muzzle still and they are not concerned about noise, blast etc. On a tactical style weapon with similar applications the Titan really isn't a good option.

I will also say that I have yet to have a failure from any of the Troy Extreme rails, but if I were going off to a far away land to do battle, I am pretty sure that I wouldn't chose this rail. Again even though I haven't had a failure I can very much see how the Troy Extreme rail could be a weak link by the way in which they attach. I am much more confident in the Troy Alpha rail and how it attaches as an example for this type of rail.