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11-05-2011, 13:39
Ok, I keep trying to forget that these things are out there, but its not working. Does anyone have one with a Caspian slide? I really like Caspians work and their standard serrations are perfect in my opinion. 2nd, has anyone ran a stock Glock 6" barrel in one of the aftermarket longslides? 3rd, who makes the slides for LoneWolf. 4th, does anyone have a reliable source for a G20 frame (Glock) without the uppers? Seems cheaper to build one of these monsters If I didnt have to throw half of it away to start with.

My Dream G20L would be Caspian Frame, Bar-Sto or KKM barrel, or possibly a 6" glock barrel. Probably a set of Dawson adj sights (fiber Optic front) and NP3 finish on the upper parts.

11-05-2011, 15:22
1. I've seen Caspian slides for the small frame Glocks, but I have never seen a G20 Longslide from them. I'm sure for the right price they'd make it for you though. The serrations are the only thing I don't really care for on my G20LS, I'd like it if it just had serrations like the factory Glock slides (no FCS).

2. I know of a couple guys that are running Glock Hunting barrels in their G20L's. A fellow 10 Ringer "21Carrier" has one on the way, I'd stay tuned for his posts. He will be a great source of info for you.

3. LWD will not disclose where the slides/barrels are made, let alone who makes them. A number of people have asked, and LWD will neither confirm or deny whether or not they are made in the USA.

4. Glockmeister and a GT member in the classifieds are both currently selling G20/21 frames for $225 shipped. They were $375 earlier this year from Glockmeister, so jump on one if they're still in stock.

I hope this helps...

11-05-2011, 18:52
Thanks for the reply. I may email Caspian and see what kind of price they shoot me. Their machining is top notch. Not knocking LoneWolf, I have not looked at any of their products in years, but seems like middle of the road, where price is a huge concern, they will win out. Im looking at plated or jacketed for 10mm, so factory barrel shouldnt be a problem. I will check the frames out, thanks for the advice.