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11-07-2011, 19:36
While on my way home I drove past a couple of deputies working a minor collision. They were both motor deputies.

While driving past I noticed that one of them had a helmet mounted POV camera stuck to the side of his helmet. Looked like a Contour. Props on the deputy for good taste! :supergrin:

Is this common? I always wondered about camera systems for motors but I haven't seen this type of setup before. A personal purchase perhaps?


11-07-2011, 20:51
Not common as far as I know. Our bikes have two cameras on them.

11-07-2011, 23:32
Our admin just mandated cameras for our motors. Not a big deal, except they required they be the current Panasonic Arbitrator system, so all downloads go to the same server. Unfortunately, they are not designed for motors and have become quite the fiasco.

We pitched the idea of doing helmet cams, which I would much prefer. Less hassle, less cords, less mess, less etc.

What I have seen around here for the most part is that motors don't get cams. I guess we are special.