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11-08-2011, 07:14

I was wondering what kind of differences there is between the 16 and 18" barrels for AR Build. Let's say I'd like to make a build that's some sort of scoped rifle AR , a designated marksman type. What would be the pros and cons of a 16 vs 18" build ? Will there be a lot of accuracy advantage on the 18" SPR over say a 16" Recon Rifle ? And I'm trying to wonder ... If the Mk 12 SPR uses an 18" barrel , do the longer ones get much play for accurized DMR/ARs? I see Bushmaster particularly advertise their 20/24" uppers for 'Varmints' and 'Predators' and of course BCM and I'm sure others make M16 clones like the BCM A4 20" ... I just definitely don't want no bigs$$ Bushmaster predator/varmint AR and really couldn't care too much for the M16. Lookalike. I love the Mk12 SPR looks and also like BCM Recce 16 - would absolutely love fully hooked up versions of both and I might just do that next year sometime when I get paid some bigger $$$ for back surgery. Ideally I would love an ACOG'd Recce and an AccuPointed Mk 12 ( those BCM uppers look so awesome but not cheap - worth every dime I'm sure. ). Anyway I'm just not the most technically knowledgeable on AR/ballistics ....

Do I gain a lot with 18" bbl or lose Abything with the 16"). ? ok thanks much

11-08-2011, 13:05
Depends on the user and what is most important to their needs. I am also assuming that you are speaking about a 5.56/.223 chambered rifle. I will also say that if it is a rifle that I am expected to carry, hump, stalk with, etc I almost always prefer a lighter and shorter overall length rifle, even in this category of weapon.

So, for myself the order of priority is OAL, weight, velocity, and range. Accuracy is not so relevant as barrel length (barrel types being equal) is not necessarily a component of accuracy. In general, you lose little velocity from 18" to 16" (load dependent) so while you might lose some distance and some range at which the round will frag, we are talking ranges between frag range and more likely longer overall effective range of the round type itself in a DM or SPR role. So if shooting at 600m+ is common a larger caliber is more desirable. Not saying the job can't be done, but there are better options. So again I opt for lighter rifle with more maneuverability.

So for what I do, I prefer a lighter, more maneuverable weapon. If overall distances at which I will normally be shooting is greater and I might be shooting at more than just paper or steel, then I would opt for a different caliber weapon. Even when I use say a .308 bolt rifle, I still opt for a barrel in the 18"-19" length. Again as mentioned above if I were to be more commonly engaging past 800m then I would prefer a larger caliber round.

Having said this, ironically I do not currently own any DM type rifles in 16" barrel configurations, only 18" barrels. However I am putting together a .308 rifle in this category and it is going to be a 16" barrel.

11-08-2011, 20:46
Yeah im going 5.56/.223 for this. Next year I should be getting an INS settlement and am gonna do my .308s. Probably some combination of M1A(s), Sr25, maybe even the Remington M24 SWS package. I am thinking more likely a M1A Socom 16 and either a M21 or SR25 as a real .308 " Sniper Rifle " ( the Socom 16 more realistically For having fun and for defending etc with an Aimpoint on it - the M21 or Sr25 as my expensive awesome real nice sniper rifle.

For this project I am leaning towards a " SPR " build in an 18" 5.56. 600yds is plenty , I know I can't just start shooting bullseues at that rance anyway. I have a 14.5 AR and would like to add an accurizied , scoped AR TO The stable for ammo and mag sharing etc- plus if you HAD TO you could " fight" with an SPR Imhool

Again ideally I would love to have a stable of my Aimpointed 14.5 Ar, an Awesome " main battle carbine" hi quality 16" ACOGed AR, and a MK 12 w/ that 2.5-10 AccuPoint. But thats like 10 grand all said and done lol.

11-08-2011, 21:03
Inside of 3-400 yds you're not going to see a big difference between the two.

The Recce, is really just a slightly longer barreled carbine. Its got a slightly longer barrel, and handles more like a carbine.

the MK12 is a little different.

Its going to be heavier, its going to handle like a rifle. Typically they're equipped with a higher power scope and will be more accurate.

between 350-800m you will notice a big difference between the MK12 and a Reece. But if you're not shooting that far, it'd be a waste of money, unless you're going for a MK12 look.

11-08-2011, 21:03
I actually have a few questions about the MK 12 Mod 0 - BCM has. Bunch of MK 12 uppers - I THINK I like the Mod 0 with the circular tube handguard. I note it has small rails on the sides and for the bottom , what is the rail length? My goal is to have a bipod on tje rail up front , and a Magpul AFG zt the rear ( closest to the receiver z) bit I can't see if it has a rail there-

Also / the classic pictures of Mk 12 / .SPRs have that Ops Inc muzzle device- apparently this is for attaching a suppressor ? I can't do that in NJ but I do like the LOOK but , the thing is a few hundred bucks !n does it have any function or gainful use ? If not what muzzle device would you suggest ( no Flash Hiders in NJ)

Oh also not only thanks for the help, sorry for the typos and choppy typing, I'm on my iPhone 3GS my dog broke the laptop- knocked it off the b z, it's done. Love my dog but MAN sometimes kits killer.

11-08-2011, 21:10
Ak thank you thats good info for me. The 350 and 800m is important to me - I might not be that good Now but give me a year and also I plan on spending some dough on this and having it forever - I really want the XAPABILITY of root things with it

I love Love LOVE my carbine I bought and customize last winter as a thank u / congrats present to myself after back surgery -- BUT I admit I did cut a few things out. I ran out of money and patience. I really wanted the ACS but Settled for the CTR - I love it but I know I wanted the ACs more. I wanted a full flattop and rail and was gong to have the gunsmith remove the front sight, install a full rail and have it like the BCM Recce 16 or even like the 15-22. But I got impatient. I'm NOT gonna do that this time n

11-10-2011, 19:35
The rail on the bottom isn't long enough for a AFG. Secondly, I think if you actually try an AFG on the PRI hand guard, you won't like it. The PRI itself is too big for a AFG. You either have to run a VFG, or without it.

The OPS Inc brake is very effective as a muzzle brake without a supressor attached. But if you don't want it, I would run either a Smith Vortex Flash Hider, or a battle comp.

11-10-2011, 20:30
If you're actually going to be shooting at longer distances, and you already have a carbine, I see no reason not to go with the 18". If you ended up using it indoors or carrying it in the woods, it wouldn't be any longer than a shotgun.