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11-14-2011, 08:19
Thought the board needed a thread dedicated to the most useful, universal, tried and tested powder on the market...


Feel free to post your favorite Unique loads here. Anything from pistol to rifle to shotgun loads.

I hope that this will become a gathering place for users that want to know how to use our beloved Unique.

Thanks in advance gentlemen.

11-14-2011, 08:40
For my .40 load, I'm using a 165gr Precision Delta FMJ bullet, with 6.0gr of Unique at an OAL of 1.130

For my 9mm load, I'm using a 147gr Precision Delta FMJ bullet, with 4.3gr of Unique at an OAL of 1.130


Zombie Steve
11-14-2011, 09:44
.45 auto ball - 6.2 grains 1.260" OAL, CCI large pistol primer. Clocks at 830 fps with mixed brass and is very accurate.

Right now I'm shooting a 230 grain cast truncated cone bullet with mixed brass, 5.8 grains of Unique, 1.210" OAL and a CCI primer. Also comes in at 830 fps.

Another hotter load is a 230 grain XTP, Federal match primer, 1.218" OAL and 6.0 grains of Unique. Averaged 872 fps.

All speeds are from a 5" 1911.

I shoot a 240 grain LSWC in my 4" Smith 629 .44 mag with 9.0 grains of Unique and a CCI large pistol primer with winchester brass. Very accurate and clocks 1,029 fps.

I'll check back later with some data for .45 Colt, .38 special and 9mm. I just don't have the numbers here.

11-14-2011, 10:03
What Steve said. :cool:

11-14-2011, 10:16
Unique is often the first powder I reach for when shooting lead bullets in anything. It also works well in plated or jacketed loads, but something about lead bullets & Unique, like peanut butter & jelly.
9mm- 5gr under a 124gr lead anything
9mm-5.5gr under a 124grXTP or MG JHP, amazingly accurate
40-6gr under a 165gr Berry's or Ranier, amazingly accurate
44mag-9gr under any 24-250grLSWC is a go to midrange plinker
45colt-8gr under a 250-255grLSWC makes a good accurate fiueld load, about 875fps in a 4 1/2"bbl
45acp-6gr under a 225-230grLRN is a classic ball equiv
It isn't the best metering or cleanest powder available, but it will do so many things well, everyone should have a 4# jug, just in case.:whistling:

11-14-2011, 10:21
What is Unique and why does it have such a ubiquitous name? :dunno:


TX Archer
11-14-2011, 15:01
I've read a lot of comments about Unique not working well with Dillon powder measures. Do any of you devotees use it in Dillons and how much difference do you feel it makes?

Zombie Steve
11-14-2011, 15:11
I've read a lot of comments about Unique not working well with Dillon powder measures. Do any of you devotees use it in Dillons and how much difference do you feel it makes?

I've used it on Stevie's 550 and on Jack's 1050. If you're in your rhythm and pull the handle the same every time, you'll get the occasional throw of .1 grain over. No big deal... certainly nothing you'll be able to tell on your target, but powders like WSF will be a tad more accurate.

chris in va
11-14-2011, 15:22
I tried it once. Darn flakes are the size of breakfast cereal.

11-14-2011, 15:36
.380acp-4.1gr.under 90gr.xtp for 800fps in 2.75"and 875fps in 3 5/8" barrel
.380acp-3.9gr under 102gr Rem gs for 800fps in 2.75" and 840fps in 3 5/8"
9mm-5.5gr. under 124gr speer gd for 1001fps in 3" barrel
9mm-4.3gr under 147gr speer gd for 832fps in 3" barrel
.38spl-4.5gr under 150-160gr cast swc = soft accurate load
.357mag-7gr under 150-160gr cast swc for 1100fps in 4" very accurate
.40s&w- 6.5gr under 165gr plated for 1120fps in 3.5" barrel
.40s&w- 6.2gr under 180gr fmj for 1005fps in 3.5" barrel
.45acp- 6.5gr under 185gr plated for 871fps in 4" mild accurate load
.45acp-6gr under 200gr. cast rnfp for 850fps in 4" mild accurate load
.44spl-6gr under 215gr cast swc for 920fps in 6.5" barrel super accurate
.44spl-6gr under 255 cswc for 700fps in 6.5" mild sup accurate
.44mag-10gr under 215, 240, or 255 gr cswc good midrange load
.45colt- 7.5gr under 250gr cswc bullet accurate load
.454casull-13gr. under 250gr cswc mild midrange load

Unique really lives up to it's name, it is one of the most versatile powders out there. It is not known for it's metering ability, but that's never been a problem for me. I never even knew it was dirty till I read it on the internet. If your looking for a powder that fills most cases so you eliminate the chance of double charges, will work with most handgun cartridges, and provides very good accuracy and velocity. It's hard to beat.

11-14-2011, 16:12
There should be a seperate forum for Unique users. The level of intelligence would be much higher than regular reloading boards.

It's not exclusive to Unique, but it's kind of nice just the same. I can use 5.2 Unique in three different calibers and have factory duplication loads. With a 158 cast bullet it mimmicks the FBI load in 38+P, with a 125 cast bullet it matches factory ammo in 9mm, and with a cast 180 it matches factory ammo in 40SW.

11-14-2011, 18:48
I've read a lot of comments about Unique not working well with Dillon powder measures. Do any of you devotees use it in Dillons and how much difference do you feel it makes?

I run it in a Dillon & it works fine. Adjust your return bar so it's snug & drops are very consistant. It helps to take the measure apart & polish the interior too.

TX Archer
11-14-2011, 19:31
It helps to take the measure apart & polish the interior too.
Thanks. I just finished reading a thread at 1911forum about doing that and was wondering if it helps significantly.

11-14-2011, 20:49
Works well in 20 gauge 7/8 oz. and 12 gauge 1 1/8 oz. target loads.
9MM-- 5.4 grains with Speer 124 Gold Dots--1130 fps in 4 1/4 Glock 19-oal 1.125"
9MM--5.0 grains with 124 gr. jacketed round nose--oal 1.150'
9mm--5.2 grains shoots great with Remington 124 Golden Sabers-OAL 1.125'
all 9MM with CCI 500 sp primers
45 ACP--6.0-6.2 grains with 230 fmj bullets- oal at 1.250-1.260"
45 ACP 6.3-6.5 grains with Rem 230 Golden Sabers- oal 1.235"
45 ACP 6.0-6.2 with Hornady 230 XTP- 1.230' oal
using CCI 300 and RP 2 1/2 primers
have used Unique for .38 Special and .380. Check your manuals 1st. It is a unique powder.

11-15-2011, 11:23
i use mine on LEE reloaders. very nice! 5.0 on 125gr 9mm.

11-15-2011, 18:17
The ONLY powder I use for pistols, all loaded on a Dillon 550 except the .38 which I still use my old RCBS Junior and an RCBS powder measure:

9mm 122gr LSWC = 4.5gr
9mm 115gr FP Berry's plated = 5.2gr
.40 165gr FP Berry's plated = 5.9gr
.45 200gr FP Berry's plated = 6.5gr

Also loaded with Unique, but don't have them close enough to check exact loads:

.38 148gr LWC
.38 158gr LSWC
.38 125gr FP Berry's plated
.40 165gr Lead
.40 180gr Lead
.45 225gr LTC

11-15-2011, 20:12
MBC 230 GR LRN with 6.3 Grns Unique, LP primer and mixed headstamp brass

11-16-2011, 06:23
20 lbs at home right now. Excellent general use powder.

I use it in my Dillon 550B without problems.

11-16-2011, 10:44
What is Unique and why does it have such a ubiquitous name? :dunno:


Unique is a medium burning, double base shotgun powder that also has many applications for handguns from mild to wild. Ergo the ubiquitous name.
I love it, and would even brush my teeth with it if it tasted better! You will find a load using Unique, for practically every handgun cartridge in almost every reloading manual because it is so versatile and widely useful.

11-16-2011, 12:47
:supergrin:... Thank you.


11-16-2011, 13:28
See Jack, even you're never too old to learn new things.:whistling:

11-17-2011, 01:52
I think fred said in his post that Unique and Hard cast bullets went together like bread and butter... I'll add, Like bacon and eggs ! ha.

3 powders for me in almost 5 decades in the big bores starting with 44mag up. 2400, Unique, H110. Thats it ! ;)

I'll share just a few for time sake.

***NOTE*** (Mileage (velocity) varies 'obviously' with barrel length). Barrel lengths for my loads listed below, ranged from 4" to 7 1/2" in various western style Ruger hog legs, and one S&W 4" 629.


240/250/255gr Hard Cast 9.5grs @ 1050fps and 10grs for 1100+ fps.
300gr Hard Cast 9.2grs for about 1,000fps

44 special:

250gr Hard Cast, old Skeeter Skelton's load of 7.5 grs for 950 to 1,000fps
300gr Hard Cast 7.5grs vel N/A at the moment...

45Colt (or LC):

300gr Hard Cast 10.5grs for 990FPS


230gr FMJ or 230gr JHP at 6.6grs for 840fps

10mm auto:

180gr Hard cast 7.8grs for about 1100fps.
200gr Hard Cast 7.5grs for about 1070fps


158gr Hard Cast at 7.5grs for 1030fps
125gr Hard Cast at 9.5grs. for 1300fps

These loads above are all with Unique.

Honestly, when I do use Unique, the only ones I use on a regular basis with Unique, are the 44mag with 240 thru 255gr HC bullets at 9.5grs to 10.0grs
(listed above) and the 240 thru 255gr 44 special with 7.5 grs.

I am a much bigger fan of 2400 in these 44mag/44sp/45LC calibers, and also H110. But always keep big stashes of Unique around for those two favorite Unique loads above here.....

Man if we were on 2400 and H110, I got an endless list of cals and loads for these babies.. Maybe another time.

My hat is off to Unique, and those who enjoy it as I do. Great powder.

Final note.**** Again all the above loads with Uinque were with Hard Cast bullets. They (HC bullets), make up about 98% of all my hand gun shooting from 44 on up in the revolvers.

Hope this was useful in some way..

OP, really nice thread idea amigo ! Thanks for letting us all share. ;)


11-17-2011, 19:30
Wow I have to come back later when I'm not under the influence of 4 glasses of wine and copy this thread. I've been using Unique for 30 years and my father used it long before I was born. It just plain works good but there are loads I saw on here I will have to try. Great thread.

11-21-2011, 15:39
Thanks to all those who contributed to the thread.

My regular load for a 230 grain LRN in 45 acp is 6.0 grains @ 1.25

I use the same for a 124 grain 9mm LRN as well.

11-21-2011, 15:50
I tested a few round of 40S&W that I loaded up last week. The load consists of a WSP primer, 5.0grs Unique and a Lee 175gr SWC/TL that comes out at 183grs. Fired and functioned flawlessly and recoil is nice and mild out of my full size PX4. I think that'll be "THE" 40cal load for me to plink and play around with.

11-21-2011, 17:33
I keep loading my 9x19 with Unique, 115fmj; 5.8 gr

11-21-2011, 18:32
i use mine on LEE reloaders. very nice! 5.0 on 125gr 9mm.

What kinda velocities does that produce? I need to be able to make power in IDPA. I'm just ow getting into reloading & I'm having a hard time finding load data.

11-23-2011, 08:53
I started with Bullseye but soon "saw the light". Although Bullseye still sits on my shelf I use much more Unique.

11-26-2011, 20:00
5.2-gr with a cast 158-gr LSWC for mild .38-Spl +P loads
5.0-gr with a cast 148-gr DEWC for a good .38-Spl SD snubbie load
5.6-gr with a cast 230-gr LRN for a mild .45Auto plinking load
6.0-gr with a cast 230-gr LRN for standard .45Auto ball load
5.0-gr with a cast 124-gr LRN for a practice 9mm Luger load
Can't remember offhand what the MEC 600 charge bar throws for 7/8-oz 20-ga