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11-14-2011, 08:50
I purchased a new LCR a couple weeks ago and cleaned it at that time. It really was not that dirty (just a little oil) and just wiped it down, but a lot of black came off the gun onto the rag. Well, the other day (still not shot) I wiped it down with a silicon cloth and black is still coming of the gun on to the cloth big time. I was not rubbing hard and the cloth is yellow so real easy to see. Just wonder if this has happened to anyone who has a LCR. I have called Ruger, but they have not called me back yet.

11-14-2011, 17:34
I'm a BIG Ruger fan......I have 3 Ruger Revolvers and 2 Ruger Semis in my safe at this time.....But with 5 shooters I like the Smith J frames....and Charters.....the LCR is bulky feeling and the SP101 (tank) is too heavy.....

Unless I had this.......

11-14-2011, 17:41
Is the finish coming off or is it just gunk/grease?

11-15-2011, 06:57
Its hard to say. Something black is coming off but I don't see shiney metal yet. I called Ruger back and the lady said what I described should not be happening.She asked for the S/N. after which she said she would have the gun picked up by UPS. The weird thing is the owners manual for both the .38 and .357 indicate the guns are coated with a synergistic coating and the box for my .38 LCR indicates this. The box for the .357 reflects "black oxide". And the finish on the .38 is shiney while the .357 is dull. I too am a fan of Ruger revolvers.