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11-14-2011, 11:10 Remarkable Videos on “The Black Rifle” for a Great Low Rate

Napa, CA November 2011 – The AR-15, also known as the “black rifle,” has gone mainstream. Once ridiculed as an “assault weapon” by traditional hunters and the mass media, it has found its way into the hands of hunters and sport shooters across the nation. Now, the American Gunsmithing Institute has revealed a new DVD Bundle on this popular gun.

With this money saving bundle, you will be able to build an AR-15 or M-4 style rifle from a receiver and a bag of parts. The viewer will also learn to troubleshoot, repair and tune his existing rifle, including how to do a trigger job, step-by-step. This bundle includes the updated version of the AR-15 / M-4 Armorer’s Course that will teach a person complete design, function and repair of the AR-15. Instruction by Master Gunsmiths Bob Dunlap and Ken Brooks, as well as AGI Tech Manager/Instructor Jack Landis.

The four DVDs included in this amazing package are:

Technical Manual & Armorer’s Course: AR-15 Rifles (Product ID#1034)Includes Special Bonus Project “Converting the AR-10T Target Rifle to a Tactical Style M4 Carbine”Building the AR-15 Rifle (Product ID#3234)Disassembly / Reassembly of the AR-15 Rifle (Product ID#7004)“How-To” AR-15 Rifle Trigger Job (Product ID#3354)This deal consists of four courses and over seven hours of video instruction by Master Gunsmiths. The AGI AR-15 Black Rifle Bundle (Bundle #6) is available at ( only $140 (Gun Club of America Silver Members pay $112).

If you are interested in looking into becoming a Professional Gunsmith, check out our basic AGI Professional Gunsmith course ( In as little as three months of your own time (or take your time, there is NO time limit) you can become a certified gunsmith and start making money at the hobby you love.

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