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11-16-2011, 13:59
I've got over 2K of 10mm cases that I'm ready to sell. I k owmthis is'ntmthe classified but I want the guys who need them to see them.

I will sell 2K pieces for $200 shipped in the Con. U.S. I will also sell 1K alone for $110 shipped. Most have been through LWD barrels. Some have been through S&W 610's and 310's. A few may have been through stock Glock barrels, very few if any have but I've found these all over our house so some may be older. Most are Starline. Some are Winchester and Top Brass. There is quite a few nickle but the majority are brass. I also have 10K - 12K .40 and 6K - 7K 357 auto brass. ALL (100%) is ONCE fired, never reloaded by me nor was it reloaded when purchased. These have landed in soft Florida sugar sand. No concrete or gravel, not mud puddles etc. PM through GT if interested. First come, first serve which is why only one or two guys will get it. Shipped delivery confirmation, with tracking #. I also have a brand new no-hole LWD slide with never fired 6" LWD 9x25 and 10mm barrels I'll sell at a discounted price. Thank you mod for understanding the 10-Ring is a tight knit forum and this thread can be yolked in a few days if that. I'll respond here and let the 10 Ringers know the status. Thanks - GB

11-17-2011, 09:07
I will take all of the 10mm brass....also very interested in the 6" LW Slide and 6" LW barrel as well......please PM me for payment details! Thank you, Chris

11-17-2011, 22:05
If u stil have 10mm brass..I'll take it off your hands.

11-17-2011, 22:37
Is the lwd slide a longslide? and how much for it and the 10mm barrel?

11-18-2011, 15:06
The brass has been sold pending funds. The slide and barrel are $5 less each than on LWD.com (sorry I don't know price offhand) and shipped free. Thwy are new and without blemishes of any kind.

Please PM me with any further questions as I don't want to take advantage of GT's posting rules. This baby can slip to the bottom. I'm still doing my pre winter cleaning and when I weigh all the other brass and get my stuff in order I'll list it in the classified section if I can ever figure out how it works of course. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: The slide and both barrels are 6".

11-18-2011, 16:10
Honestly, there really is no mod keeping an eye on us here, we've tried to get ahold of one of them several times, never got a response, Im pretty sure theyve left us to fend for ourselves here

11-18-2011, 21:48
If u ever got anymore brass to sell. Please send me a pm, I'll take them all off your hands.

11-22-2011, 22:31
I dont have a 10mm yet, but am interested in one. If you get more brass and want to trade, let me know what you need. I have mixed headstamp .223/5.56, once fired .308 Federal Gold Metal Match, .40sw mixed, .45acp, I prob have close to 30k mixed headstamp .38spcl and of course 9mm. Im not interested in selling off my brass, but I want a 10mm and will need brass for it, so a trade can be made. All my brass is once fired.

11-23-2011, 06:08
Since my last four Onset have not apparently made it into your Inbox (ghost in the machine I guess).....I will take the 10mmASH-1 longslide and barrel as well. Please send me your Paypal addy ASAP. Thank you Chris