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11-18-2011, 14:20
Hi, maybe someone can clear up a queston concerning the difference between bullet manufacturers. I'm new to reloading and not sure if you can use the same grain and type of bullet listed in the Lyman reloading book, but a different mfg, than the bullet mfg listed. I know in the Speer book, the say to use only Speer bullets, but they sell bullets. I'm looking at the 355" 115grain JHP. Thanks

11-18-2011, 14:31
It's always prudent to use exact components, specially when starting out. If you go w/ starting loads & work up, then switching bullet manuf isn't a big deal. Just match the bullet type; JHP, FMJ, LRN, etc, w/ the data used & work up. When you start loading plated, not much data out, lead, not much data out, so you learn to extrapolate.

11-18-2011, 16:08
You can often switch 115 gr JHP's from one brand to the next if you are using a starting load and work it up. BUT, there are exceptions, Most the weird (read XTP) bullets have their own load data published. This is why you want to use multiple sources and load longer then the actual OAL they list in the data to give yourself a little extra room for error.

11-18-2011, 17:10
... and Jack will say "Let your ex wives test your first reloads." :supergrin:

11-18-2011, 18:31
Thanks, that what I thought, from what I read I was defenitly going to start with the min and work my way up very slowly. Are there threads here with favorite loads matched with certain Glock models? Thanks again for the feedback.

F106 Fan
11-18-2011, 18:57
Are there threads here with favorite loads matched with certain Glock models?

You want to be pretty selective about where you get load data. I want mine to come from a printed book. If I do see a recipe on the Internet, I try to find it in a book. If it seems within the published range, I might try it. But if I can't back it up with published data, I ignore it.

Just because somebody says "I load 7 gr of WhizBang powder behind a 230 gr LRN" doesn't mean it is a safe thing to do. You really want to avoid the 'kaboom', especially with these plastic guns. I'm beginning to like my steel frame guns more and more.