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View Full Version : how to measure barrel length of revolver?

11-20-2011, 12:43
I own several pistols and yesterday I bought my first revolver: Taurus M44 CP (ported). It's used, in great condition, however I still don't know exact length of it's barrel:

- including wheel drum: 8 3/8"
- only barrel without wheel drum: 6.5 "

Which one is correct?

At pistols chamber is included in barrel length, but what with revolvers? :dunno:

michael e
11-20-2011, 13:00
Well my SW snubbys say 2in barrles, and that is barrel not the cyclinder and barrel.

11-20-2011, 13:07
Ah yes..snubby I see. Thank you.
I needed this information because I am buying a holster over internet.

michael e
11-20-2011, 13:16
No problem, enjoy it, you will want more and more revolvers. And you will start telling your self you need the pointless calibers, I now want a 41mag 460 480 500. Have no need for them , just want. They are addicting.