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Glorified Babysitter
11-20-2011, 14:24
I had some down time at home and figured I'd practice drawing from the holster and dry fire. While trying different things I had pulled back my slide (without a magazine) let it slam back into battery and when I pulled the trigger, the slide came forward (as if it were being disassembled).

After playing around a bit, trying to re-create what I did, I figured out that if I draw and chamber (as if I carried in position 3/un-chambered) the slide comes forward too far.

1-Glock 23, Gen4
2-I drew from a holster.
3-I did not have a magazine inserted therefore I did not use dummy rounds.
4-I had my hands in the surrender position, drew from the waist, and pulled the slide using the overhand method, letting the slide slam forward.
5-Once every 20-30th time drawing, the slide came forward as if it were being broken down or field stripped.

I did search if this had happened to anyone else and didn't see anything. I also tried a google search without any results. I am assuming that this is not something that happens too often because there are a lot of factors involved to create this situation (drawing from position 3, practicing without a magazine or training rounds, etc.) Any ideas?

11-20-2011, 15:00
I assume it comes forward a fraction of an inch.

When the slide goes forward, the striker is engaged on the sear, putting tension on the striker spring. This spring and the recoil spring are basically pulling the slide in different directions at this point.

When the trigger is squeezed, the striker is released. Now the recoil spring is the only force acting on the slide, which is pulling it forward.

Glorified Babysitter
11-20-2011, 15:04
Yes, exactly, but enough that the slide can be brought forward to the point of stripping without having to use the take-down lever.

11-20-2011, 20:52
You most likely have the Slide Lock installed backwards.

11-21-2011, 16:50
Is this gun new, has it ever been stripped? IS your finger always OFF the trigger when you are pulling the slide? Do you pull the slide with finger inside the trigger guard?

Something is activating the slide lock during the holstering or draw. My first guess would be a busted slide lock spring. BUT there is more to this:

Even still, the drawing back of the slide should be cocking the striker and it should not be releasing the slide. You should have to fire the striker before the slide can come off. (Thus, where is your finger?)

I just tried this on my G19, even with the slide lock pulled down, I cannot fire off the slide by releasing the slide release, unless I have pulled the trigger when the slide was locked back.

11-22-2011, 18:10
Either your slide lock is reversed or the slide lock spring is weak. The Gen4 G23 uses a unique slide lock spring that is not sold by any online retailer.

Check to see if your slide lock lever is oriented correctly:

If it is oriented correctly, it's likely that you have a bad slide lock spring, in which case you'd need to meet with a Glock Armorer or call Glock and speak with the Warranty Service Department.

The Gen4 G19 shares the same slide lock spring, and some of the early models had a weak spring that needed to be replaced, but I haven't heard of a Gen4 G23 having one of those bad springs. People who had this problem called Glock and either had to send the gun to Glock or take it to a local Armorer to have the new spring installed.