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11-20-2011, 20:29
Hello everybody. I realize that this is old news. But, I just stumbled upon pics from around 2001 regarding a blown chamber for a G35. It was being discussed the threat of the chamber giving under pressure. I haven't heard of this happening to the .45, or the 9's. Haven't heard of this happening to the .40 until now.

I understand that this is a mechanical tool. And consequencially, mechanical tools do fail in some way or form, from time to time. So, there is immenent risk involved.

I LOVE my Glock 22. I love the way it feels... the way it shoots... the way it carries... everything about it. I just was curious as to what other, if any problems the .40 caliber has presented. Has there been any other incidents such as this happening? Or, am I just borrowing trouble? lol

11-21-2011, 00:15
The G22 and .40 are the most common Glock KBs. There are lots of folks out there that would never own a G22 because they think that they are prone to blowing up.

The reality is that with almost every KB story, there is serious questions raised about the ammunition. In most cases it is caused by poor hand loads or factory reloads. The .40 can be double charged while reloading very easy just due to the shape and volume of the case. The .40 has enough power to cause a catostraphic failure. I had a case rupture in my Glock 17 from some cheap factory reloads, and am certain that if it happened with a G22 that it would have been a KB. It blew the The important thing to remember is to avoid cheap ammunition.