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11-22-2011, 23:10
I recently got reloading equipment for my rifle in .270 win. I'm not really sure on the resizing part though. The bullet (130 gr soft point) sits on top of the case mouth. I can't neck size because that will just make the case mouth smaller and I don't want to full length size because its fire formed for my rifle. Is there a way I can just expand the case mouth without sizing the rest of the die? I'm a little bit confused on this part. I have a Lee die set.

Zombie Steve
11-23-2011, 00:02
Neck size, measure, trim if necessary, chamfer and deburr, set the bullet on top and run it up into the seater die.

Not sure what you're asking... the chamfer should allow you to set the bullet in place / get it started. It should be undersized after going through resizing so you can get some neck tension.


11-23-2011, 00:37
SOunds like you need to do some studying. The bullet may just sit on top of the fired case if your cahmber has minimal dims. You still need to resize it for best neck tension. FL, partial FL or neck size. I like partial FL sizing for hunting guns, good fit like a neck sized case & some slight resizing of the body for reliable field functioning.

11-23-2011, 06:29
I know someone is going to ask, so I guess I will be the first, Do you have any reloading manuals and have you read them.

Is this a fired case before any sizing?

What is the diameter of your bullet, check with your calipers. It should be .277

11-23-2011, 18:59
I do have a manual. I neck sized a few cases and they are within the correct dimensions. I didn't chamfer since I didn't need to trim the cases. The way the bullet sits on top it seemed like the mouth might cut into the copper so I thought I might be missing something. Just chamfering should be enough to let the bullet start into the case? Thanks for bearing with me. I know its a dumb question lol

11-23-2011, 19:33
Thanks for bearing with me. I know its a dumb question lol

Never a dumb question. IMO yours was just a little vague and needed some clarification on my part. Thanks.