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11-29-2011, 18:49
After reading thread on IHOP shooting I did a search. Video linked would appear to be combination of different cameras and 911 calls. In all pictures shooter is firing AK with stock folded. Folded stock seen clearly in picture of shooter dead with AK next to blue van.

You mentioned armed civilian present at shooting, that had 70 yard plus shot at bad guy, but failed to fire. I would guess person with handgun might fear, that he would be fired back on by guy with rifle. Not a good situation.

My question is how accurate is AK fired with stock folded? Especially how effective at some range, so 25 yards plus? I suspect you could get good at it with practice, but another concerned with accuracy, who studied shooting would not fire in that manner.

Seemed to be a lot my cell phones at the scene than concealed handguns.


Mas Ayoob
11-30-2011, 10:49
The skills of an opposing stranger will generally be unknown to us, so it's always best to go on the assumption that they can hit what they're shooting at, which is likely to be...us. From our side of the fight, we have to know what we can hit with what we're armed with, and what we can't. I can't fault the citizen in question in this incident with not drawing fire if he didn't think his own ability to neutralize the threat from that distance was there.