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12-01-2011, 17:13
Ok.....I'm still confused. I've been asking about Unique with .45ACP 230gr. FMJ heads. Getting ready to buy some and load some rounds and chrono them. So I decide to recheck the various on-line reloading manuals for Unique and the two powders I've been using ( WST & WSF ). I also checked a 4th edition Hornady manual dated 1991.This is what I've found for the max rec'd loads.........

Alliant on-line.........Unique......6.5/832 fps
Hodgdon on-line......WST.........4.9/848 fps
WSF.........6.4/851 fps
Hornady/1991 ed.....Unique......6.2/900 fps ( big diff from on-line!)
The Hornady manual doesn't list the
Winchester powders for 230gr.

When I was loading 200 gr. XTP's I used WST at 5.1. It gave me 824 fps w/ an ES of 26.

All this is shot from a G30. I know they usually use 5" barrels for their testing so I can expect some lower velocities. Am I being naive trying to get a 230 gr. FMJ to run around 850 fps from my Glock? If it's reasonable, are the above loads wrong? Or outdated? Of course any loads that are rec'd would be worked up to. TIA. Dave

12-01-2011, 17:25
According to Hornady's Handbook 2010, Max loading for Unique in the 230 grain FMJ's is 6.6 gr @ 900 FPS. This in a Colt Gov't Model. So yeah, I think in your G30 you should get the 850 FPS or close to it.