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12-01-2011, 21:10
I'm considering a 20 gauge semi-auto for family home defense. Ultimately want a Remington 1100 but learned the CZ 712/720 has a great reputation for about half the price.

1) anyone have experience using this CZ semi-auto in 20 gauge?

2) will an 18" barrel on the 20 gauge generate enough oomph to cycle it?

3) other comments on CZ Semi-auto shotguns in general?


12-01-2011, 22:46
They are a decent platform that borrows a lot of parts from the FNH SLP. There are several folks using them in 3Gun with good success.

I spent 20 years on the 1100 platform, sold them all, now have 2 SLPs. The 1100 is a decent shotgun, but requires more maintainance, has more malfunctions, is harder to load at speed and is not as well built as the Benellis/SLPs. I beleive the CZ712 is a better platform than the 1100.

No I do not have direct expereince with the 20 guage version. However, I do in other platforms. The 12 will do everything the 20 will do, and do it better. The 12 has a better selection of loads. The 20, as for recoil, is about the same as the 12, but you will find less 20 guage reduced recoil options in the 20. Also, you will have a hard time finding magazine extensions in the 20 nor will you readily find side saddles and other ofrms of ammo carriers. 12 guage is king for a reason. Any legal barrel length on a gas gun will do the job.

12-03-2011, 12:56
It's cheaper because it's built in Turkey, not in the Czech Republic or USA.